Fundamentals of Photography


Fundamentals of Photography

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Required Equipment: DSLR camera with lens

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Fundamentals of Photography helps students understand the complex topics of DSLR photography. During this three week class, students will gain an understanding about the camera controls and basic camera functions (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.). The class also covers topics that impact the quality of your photos including composition, subject matter, stop motion, depth of field and more. Hands-on learning opportunities and weekly assignments reinforce learning concepts.

Week 1:
The first week is information heavy.  We focus mainly on the Exposure Triangle (Shutter, Aperture, ISO).  These three functions of your camera control everything from how light or dark, to how blurry or sharp your picture is.  You will practice on Program Mode (P) and begin to see how these pieces work.  Bring a note pad, and get ready to learn! 

Week 2:
After a short review of the information in Week 1, you will dive into Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority mode.  These modes will give you the freedom to change settings in your camera to achieve certain results with speed and efficiency.

Week 3:
In the final class you will finally be knowledgable enough to enter the dreaded Manual Mode **enter evil laugh here**.  In Manual, you will have the freedom to make the picture turn out exactly how you want, and achieve the best results in your photos every time!