Like most educational efforts, knowledge is best retained when you stay regularly engaged. Our membership plan provides you consistent engagement so you can stay ahead of the game.

Class Membership: Our membership program is great for someone wanting to learn everything they can about photography.  Members have access to 1 course or private lesson per month at a discounted rate.  At $95/month a membership helps save an average of $50-$75 on every course.  And the best part is, you can cancel at any time!

Mentorship: Meant for the photographer who has already gone through our classes.  Instead of training, with mentorship we are here as your support system.  As you move forward in your photographic career, we work directly with you providing constant feedback on your work to help push your creative thinking.


Sessions: 2 Per Month
Session Length: 30 minutes
Monthly Cost: $35

Class Membership

Registrations: 1 Registration & 1 Digital Critique/Month
Perks: Priority Registration
Monthly Cost: $95

Cancelation Policy: You may cancel your membership at any time.  Upon cancelation, you have 90 days to claim any unused registrations or sessions.  Please see Terms for more details.