Film Photography

Get back to the roots of photography!  In our Film Photography course we will provide you with a film camera and film to experience traditional photographic processes.  Then, after you're done shooting your film, we'll develop the negatives and scan them in so you have digital copies to post and share.  Learning traditional photographic processes will give you a new appreciation and respect for the medium of photography.

Course Type: Private Lesson Only
Price: $175

Film Photography
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This course will meet twice.  In the first session you will discuss film, cameras, and some history of photography.  We'll work with you to help you load the film in your camera and understand how to use it, go out shooting, and then we'll develop the film!!

In the second session we will spend time scanning them in so you have digital copies to post all over social media and photo sharing sites!

Don't have a camera?  Don't worry.  When you register just select "Rent a Camera" and we'll provide on for you!

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