Playing With Perspective

Changing up the perspective of your photos is a great way to create interest. Sometimes we get so caught up taking pictures at eye-level or tripod-level that we forget to change it up a bit. Photographing things from different angles is worth the extra bit of time and effort because even if you feel like one shot is really the best, you may change your mind when you flip through your collection later.

Michael (IPC Owner and Photography Professor) suggested I demonstrate the value of perspective for this blog post by choosing one object and photographing it from different angles. I used my iPhone 5s to take pictures of these Starbucks cups. I chose the cups to show even an uninteresting subject in an ordinary setting can develop a level of interest simply by changing the perspective.

If you're new to photography looking to improve your work, this was super easy to do and it was pretty fun messing around with the angles and distorting the perspective of the cups. Pick an object and take pictures of it from like 50 different angles and you'll end up with a lot of cool stuff. It's also a great way to practice your Depth of Field skills!